About Us

Downhill from Here is Kieran Rowley and Natasha von Memerty, two adventurers from Oxford. In May 2013 they will set off on their bicycles to see the world. You can follow their adventures here.

Kieran grew up in Birmingham, England with his parents and younger Brother. He studied Computer Science at the University of Birmingham and finally moved out of his parents house when he got a job in Oxford, that's where he met Natasha who convinced him to buy a bike, and shortly after convinced him to quit his job and cycle around the world.

Natasha grew up as the youngest of four in Benoni, South Africa, and moved to the UK to see the world when she was 20. Unfortunately life and bills got in the way and she didn't get to see as much of it as she originally planned. Now at the age 30 she is finally getting out there!

Kieran's first bike was a blue and white police BMX with matching helmet and an integrated phone.

Natasha's first bike was a red BMX with solid tyres. and she's been cycling everywhere ever since.

Kieran likes: Bicycles, coffee, real ale, music, Aston Villa, spicy food, gadgets, sleeping, cooking and of course cycling.

Natasha likes: Vegetarian food, the environment, the colour green, origami, wine, olives, bad movies, and of course cycling.

Kieran dislikes: Shaving, GPS and beans on toast.

Natasha dislikes: Navigating big cities, techno music, waking up and normal working hours.


Our trip was fully self-funded. We scrimped and saved for over 3 years in order to make it happen and stuck to a pretty strict budget. However, from time to time and unexpected cost sdid occur and we are extremely grateful to the people below for helping us out along the way.

Postcards from Turkey

  • Nathan Davies - England
  • Stewart Atherton - England
  • David Holmes - Australia
  • Patricia Rowley - England
  • Alastair Slay - England
  • Michael Philpotts - England
  • Jacqui Gavin - England
  • Conor Byrne - England
  • Candice von Memerty - England

Postcards from Georgia

  • Robert Cherrington - England
  • Conor Byrne - England
  • Nathan Davies - England

Postcards from Armenia

  • Karl von Memerty - France
  • Conor Byrne - England
  • Merve Genel - Turkey
  • Kerry Helby - England

Postcards from Iran

  • Joan von Memerty - South Africa
  • Renee von Memerty - Liechtenstein
  • Toby Lea - England
  • Nathan Davies - England
  • Conor Byrne - England
  • Derek Rooney - Scotland
  • Dean and Jane Freeman - Wales
  • James and Lydia Crowe - England

Postcards from Kyrgyzstan

  • Karl von Memerty - France
  • Renee von Memerty - Liechtenstein
  • Nathan Davies - England
  • Sarah Atherton - England

Postcards from China

  • Andy Webb - England
  • Greg and Gem - England
  • Candice von Memerty
  • Vadimas Kosiakova - Lithuania
  • Conor Byrne - England
  • Al Slay - England
  • Nathan Davies - England

Postcards from Laos

  • Conor Byrne - England
  • Sarah Atherton - England

Postcards from Cambodia

  • Sarah Atherton - England
  • Sarah Iles - England
  • Conor Byrne - England

Postcards from Thailand

  • Gavin Webb - South Africa
  • Joshua Hen - United States
  • Nathan Davies - England


  • Conor Byrne - England
  • Karl von Memerty - France


Looking for more information about bicycle touring? Here are the websites of other cyclists that we have met along the way...


We cycled through the deserts of Turkmenistan with Mauro, the funniest Italian we have ever met!
Mauro is cycling from Italy to somewhere, he doesn't know where.

Pain, milk and bikes

Remi and Rebecca are following the Silk Routes and chronicling the use of milk and bread in ancient civilizations as they go.

Bristol to Brisbane

Ed Cox cycled 10,000 miles from Bristol, England to Brisbane, Australia.

The Next Challenge

Tim and Laura Moss cycled 13,000 miles around the world.

Cycling Lions

In 2015 Dean and Jane will begin cycling 36'000kms to the British and Irish Lions 2017 Tour of New Zealand.

NZ Bound by Bike

Suzy and Dino are cycling from England to New Zealand.

The Really Long Way Round

Chris Poutney is cycling through (at least) 100 countries on his way around the globe.

Sloths on Wheels

Gayle and John left the UK in July 2012 and are cycling in search of warmer weather.

HD Travelling Slowly

Hannah and Damien are cycling slowly from England to Australia.

Pedal the Planet

Sabine and Thorsten cycled from Germany to Singapore.


Alain and Jenny cycled around South East Asia with their two young children.